My superpower is transforming women entrepreneurs and investors into profitable business owners by using my Legal CIA Formula so they can:

  • Increase their potential earning power,
  • Secure the financial assistance they need, and
  • Instantly grow and develop a profitable business.
If This Is You, We Can Serve You!

Our Services

Real Estate Transactions.

America’s #1 Investor Advocate, we have extensive experience of above 17 years in assisting clients in residential real estate transactions. Representing buyers, sellers, and lenders on standard and “creative” real estate transactions. Law Offices of Teresa R Martin PC prides itself on providing affordable legal services for the smaller entrepreneur. Let us help you protect your business asset.

We understand that buying and selling real estate involves huge, life-altering decisions. When you take a big decision for your business or property, it is essential to have an attorney help you steer clear of landmines and protect your financial well-being.

“My experience as an entrepreneur and real estate investor enables me to share my wisdom to help other women. Today I continue to help my clients with select legal issues related to their desire to create or leverage their wealth. This typically involves working with my coaching clients with business formation and incorporation and real estate legal issues geared to support them as they invest in real estate as part of their wealth strategy.”

Business Credit Development.

Designed in a step-by-step manner so that our business clients complete steps in the correct order to cover the basics of business success. Our process offers results, not promises, and helps our clients with business financing, building business credit, accessing credit, optimizing their online presence, local marketing, and creating value in their business for a possible future sale.

Like a marketing plan, you also need a business coach to be successful in business. Approximately 40% of Fortune 500 companies make use of business coaching to train and develop their executives.

Our business credit development service is exclusively women-centered that offers expert coaching support and a mastermind group of like-minded, driven female entrepreneurs, including budding real estate investors and ambitious small business owners dedicated to building wealth.

“My legal expertise and experience are a vital part of the essential foundation of my work as a coach for female entrepreneurs who are looking to launch, grow, and increase their returns in their businesses.”

Strategic Business Coaching.

Looking for professional help that’s affordable? Do you know how most business owners today feel completely overwhelmed with the everyday minutiae of operating a business… find it more and more difficult to attract more clients… watch their revenue and profits dwindle day by day… and they have no idea what to do or where to go to stop the bleeding?

What we do is provide business owners with the means to not only survive this type of economy… but thrive in it by revealing the three secrets they must know that instantly attract more clients, increases their revenue and profits, and builds a business that will dominate their competition.

“My coaching style is a balanced mix of mentoring, coaching, and consulting, which offers clients the best out of three different professional practices. This allows me the flexibility to tailor the type of support I offer to their needs and to deal with any situation, challenge, or problem they’re facing.

I help women business owners launch and grow their small businesses with innovative legal and consulting services that are focused on their success. With expertise in real estate investing and business development, financial strategic planning, and a full array of legal services, I help shape existing businesses into highly successful ventures with a profitable built-in exit strategy.”

Lender Foreclosure & Special Asset Recovery.

Law Offices of Teresa R Martin PC provides skilled counseling to small mortgage note investors, private lenders, and other entities seeking the enforcement of loan documents against defaulting borrowers. Dr. Teresa helps her clients formulate their arguments and loan-workout strategies, navigate the rules of the law, and submit the appropriate paperwork.

“As a seasoned and successful real estate investor, my knowledge and experience are another foundational element of my work coaching female business owners to generate and maintain wealth. The most successful women I know–including those I have mentored–understand that nobody gets there alone. We do this through working with a coach, and we do this by joining professional organizations that allow us to leverage our collective expertise and wisdom.”

Virtual General Counsel.

You can have all the benefits of a General Counsel without the full-time cost! Whether your business is a big enterprise or a startup, hiring a general counsel lawyer is the need of every company. Dr. Teresa works thoroughly with female business leaders  to provide legal insight and analysis on day-to-day issues that the company confronts.  Our legal firm is built with the needs of growing businesses in mind.

We understand that every firm needs general counseling at some point. Considering this, we have launched our Virtual General Counsel Program to assist our clients even when they are busy planning for a business of prosperity, value, convenience, and efficiency. We help you make the right decision for your business so you can be as creative and expansive as possible.

The years of extensive experience have taught us that every business is unique and requires personalized assistance. Hence, we provide customized programs to offer guidance, so every female entrepreneur’s business can grow in the right direction of meaning, significance, and profitability.

“My mission is to educate women about personal finance and investing while also supporting them in either getting their first deal or growing their existing businesses.”

Benefits of our Virtual General Counsel Services

  • Flexible Counseling Hours
  • Dedicated Lawyer.
  • Customized Packages.
  • Resources – Podcasts, Mobile Apps, And So On.
  • Experienced And Expert Attorney.
  • Transparent Billing Rates.
  • Online Session Bookings.
  • Proactive Advice.

Business Formation Services

When you start a new business, it’s vital to make the proper government filings to protect the owners and employees of your future organization. Forming your new business is an important decision that must address state and local regulations. The goal is to operate legally and to shield new or current investments from potential risk. The Law Offices of Teresa R. Martin, P.C. (“MartinLegal”) provides new business formation services that can help your new business grow. You’ll benefit with increased credibility and the peace of mind that comes from protecting your personal assets from day one.

Business Compliance.

Unleash your potential with the Wealth Building Ultimate Compliance Package! Tailored for visionary women in real estate and entrepreneurship, this package includes legal guidance by Attorney Teresa R. Martin, strategic tax planning with CPA Ebere Okoye, and SOP creation by James Earl Thompson.

With entity structuring, bookkeeping setup assistance, and expert business meetings, you’ll forge a thriving path. Our team’s expertise ensures compliance, protection, and growth. Don’t miss the chance to transform your journey – contact us to embrace success today!