A lawyer, an independent female entrepreneur, investor, and business owner are just a few of the words that outline my life and work. I am aware of the struggles involved in establishing a business, expanding it, and transforming it into a thriving journey, leading to the ultimate victory.

I coach from a place of firsthand knowledge of both struggles and successes. I have weathered financial ruin and job loss after 9/11 and investment losses after the mortgage crisis of 2008. Both times I came out stronger and more resilient than before and eager to share my hard-earned expertise with other women facing challenges in their businesses. With the current pandemic outbreak, I feel uniquely positioned to help women entrepreneurs pivot and build an unshakeable business in any economy.


A Message from Teresa.

My utmost priority is to ensure that your business legal affairs are complete and your marketing plan and business model in place. I have been a consultant for over two decades. I have been a business owner, a partner, an entrepreneur launching new products and services, a real estate investor, and a legal advisor. I have successfully raised money for my own businesses and assisted clients in sourcing financing for their businesses from a wide variety of sources.

I have assisted clients in launching and expanding their businesses. I have provided support to those who desire to move from a successful career to uncharted business success, to generate a dream job out of their experience, imaginations, and willingness to take the risk of going for what they really want: a life of greater ease and unprecedented freedom. It’s rare to find that specific combination of experience that puts me in a unique position to help you conceive, create and build your ideas or vision into a business. – Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq.


My Mission.

Grow. Preserve. Protect. Prosper.

I aim to build generational wealth and break the chains of generational poverty by helping one business at a time. I follow a system-driven, innovative, and conscientious approach to empower my clients and provide them successful advice.


My Vision.

As a legal expert, I seek to provide world-class services at a level unseen in the legal and real estate industry.


Core Values.

Real estate is the safest and surest way to financial security. I believe in the power of knowledge and know the importance of sharing it in professional and ethical business practices. Having the right knowledge at the right time sets standards of excellence that result in professional, honest real estate investing, business management and positively contribute to communities and the economy.


  • Seek an end that is stronger than the beginning.
  • I advise all my clients to do everything with integrity and commitment.
  • Communication is the key; therefore, communicate thoughtfully and with honesty with your clients. Always leave a place or person better than how you found in the first place and lead with character, pride, and excellence. Do not seek entitlement, rather lead without a title. Encourage and develop others.
  • Don’t be afraid to give back; instead, always give your 100% to the cause and inspire others to give 100% as well.
  • Care enough to have difficult conversations.
  • Focus on learning and growing spiritually and mentally.
  • Be the light that guides others in the exploration of their positivity.
  • Treat everyone with respect and inspire lives.
  • Promote and practice equality and justice.
  • Be a keen learner, do not shy away from asking for assistance.
  • Know that everything isn’t fun, but do not forget to enjoy along the learning journey.


Who We Serve?

My targeted audiences are all those frustrated female business owners, solopreneurs, coaches, and real estate investors who are serious about generating leads, growing revenue, and keeping more profit.

My experience and expertise are dedicated towards serving women entrepreneurs and real estate investors with a clear vision of making their businesses flourish and align them with their mission. My purpose is to be the support women need towards the fulfillment of their goals and help them attain success.

I strive to empower gifted women willing to share their life wisdom with others to help them kickstart their triumph journey. A primary part of my job that thrills me the most comprises partnering with savvy women requiring legal assistance and support. I proudly serve the role as an honest and reliable real estate attorney helping them invest in themselves and their business for getting favorable outcomes.

When you will hire Teresa R Martin PC or go through my CreditAbility system, you will know that I design my legal services, programs, and products keeping your needs in my mind.


Can You Relate?

  • Are you willing to invest your time, love, dedication, sweat, tears, and MONEY to make your business grow?
  • Looking for an honest attorney to help you discover the reasons negatively affecting your business and protect it with proper guidance?
  • Feeling intimidated by the Legal Aspects of running a business?
  • Have no idea about the hidden revenue in your business?
  • Lack proper direction because of not having a clear vision and experience and guidance?
  • Investing money in the wrong areas?
  • Started without having a business plan?
  • Feel intimated and terrified by lawyers and business process?
  • Lack of financial knowledge about running your business, such as pricing products/services, making payments, making decisions confidently, and budgeting?
  • Lack of marketing and sales skills because of dealing with a negative experience in sales in the past that turned into thinking that ‘sales’ is a bad thing?
  • Feel intimidated by the basics such as legal issues, trademarks, taxes, copyrights, etc., because of not having a business background?
  • Unable to balance life and time because of being overwhelmed in the business.

If you can relate to any of the following points and are looking for the best legal advisor and counselor, then the Law Offices of Teresa R Martin PC is the best option for you.

Why Choose Law Offices of Teresa R Martin, PC?

Growing Your Business.

Law Offices of Teresa R Martin PC encourages communication with our clients. We disdain to offer false hope or dishonest promises. Our legal advisors offer legal solutions to your obstacles, so all-female entrepreneurs struggling with their businesses can receive proper guidance to build a meaningful, significant and business yielding unrestrained profitability.

We strive hard to ensure that our clients have their business legal affairs in order and complete.

We prioritize your marketing plan and business model and ensure that all your affairs are legally compliant. From fixing your taxes to insurance and everything in between, we help to ensure your business foundations are sound.

At the Law Offices of Teresa R Martin, PC, we believe that business and legal counseling can help you operate your business better and seamlessly. Apart from being a top legal advisor and counselor, Dr. Teresa also provides her clients with resources, like mobile apps, podcasts, and articles that enables her to support female entrepreneurs to create a business that deeply serves them and their clients.


Billing Transparency.

Unlike traditional legal consulting, we avoid hourly fees and work on a fee-based structure, creating and implementing a plan inclusive of the costs. Most traditional law firms charge hourly rates, making it challenging for the smaller entrepreneur to manage day-to-day expenses. At the Law Offices of Teresa R Martin PC, our fees are fixed and agreed to in advance.


We believe in transparency, so we give open choices to our clients to choose the level of service and fee that suits their business and budget. Dr. Teresa knows that the foundation of any successful business lies in creative financing; therefore, the firm has also made creative financing accessible to our clients.

Awards And Recognition.

Teresa Martin – Founder of Law Offices of Teresa R Martin PC, is a well-deserving and highly educated Lawyer and real estate business strategist. Some of her achievements are that she is a Licensed New York State Attorney, Certified Credit Counselor, Certified Financial and Career Coach, Certified Bankruptcy Specialist, Real Estate Investment Consultant, Chair of the Board for The Society of Financial & Career Consulting Professionals, which is a professional organization that primarily serves counselors and coaches certified through the National Association of Certified Credit Counselors.


Relationship with clients.

At Law Offices of Teresa R Martin PC, you are not just another client for us. We work with the partnership approach. We only take clients who we can truly serve with honesty and integrity. When working with Dr. Teresa, you will feel you’re working with someone who understands your business and wants the best for it. Law Offices of Teresa R Martin PC serves as an extension of the client’s management team, advocating and working to prevent problems and provide care and efficient guidance on legal issues.

We understand that all clients and their businesses are unique; thus, we offer personalized attention to each one of you.


Teresa’s guidance gave me self-awareness. I’m not as reserved, I have a clarity on my purpose. I’m open to providing paid services to others instead of doing things for free. I learned the importance of having multiple streams of income and an emergency fund account.

James Thompson

Because of being connected to Teresa, I have a network of professionals who are also like-minded that continues to expand my growth.

Lorie Nicholas

I stopped thinking about starting a business and actually did it! Teresa helped us to see that starting a business could be a reality and walked us through each step of the process. We would not have been able to do this without Teresa’s ongoing support and guidance.

Diane DiMuria

Dr. Attorney Teresa Martin has provided the professional insight, encouragement & support that I have been looking for in a coach. Actually she had provided much more than I expected.Her hands on approach & understanding has enabled me to move pass my personal fears limitations. Without her support I don't think that would have gotten to the stage that I have in my business.I would highly recommend anyone who is serious about their company moves to the next stage or if they are just starting out as I am to seek out her professional guidance.

Jacqueline McKinnonCEO

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